Amazon India announces Startup Accelerator 2.0 to Launch emerging brands On Amazon Launchpad Programme

Amazon India has announced the second season of its support programme for Indian start-ups looking to reach Buyers all accros the Globe.

As the internet and the smartphones are being used casually and almost everyone has them, people are getting more and more technology friendly as well as are giving a way to technology to solve their daily tasks, even shopping. 

Normally, being in the market to choose from plethora of options for each of our needs like fashion, makeup and even grocery can be a tiring tasks but when all of these businesses make their online presence it not just minimizes the physical contact to be able to shop between the consumer and the seller but it also serves another benefits which are availability of a wide variety of brands and options for the same product, cheaper prices and the comfort of shopping by being in our homes. 

This advantage is provided to us by the means of the internet and the presence of e-commerce businesses and startups by people who took this as an opportunity to make people aware how easy and convenient online shopping for goods and services can be.


Amazon India announced the second season of its support programme for Indian start-ups looking to reach customers all over the world on Wednesday As Amazon Launchpad.

The Global Selling Propel programme assists early-stage consumer product start-ups in entering international markets and building global brands. Participating start-ups have a chance to win a $100,000 equity-free grant from Amazon, as well as $10,000 in free AWS (Amazon Web Services) credits.

Here We Provide Amazon FBA Calculator For Brands


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