Care Your Eyes With Solutions And Contact Lens With Our 3 Best Contact Lens Case Collection

A wide range of care products is available
today and the specific lens care system
contact lens
prescribed will depend on the lens type,
material and individual patient factors. This
article aims to provide a general overview
of the principles of lens care and solution

It will not deal with specific details of brands, but comprehensive reviews are available from the literature.1,2
During wear, contact lenses become contaminated by tear components such as proteins
and lipids, tear debris such as desquamated
epithelial cells or environmental pollutants,
and in some cases eye make-up. Microbial
contamination is also possible during handling
and storage.

Contact Lens Case

Key Points

  • Any contact lens, whether soft
    or rigid, must be cleaned and disinfected following removal from
    the eye, if it is to be worn again
  • The care system selected for
    an individual patient is based on
    lens type, material, replacement
    schedule, wearing modality
    and patient profile
  • Rub and rinse is effective at
    removing lipid deposits from SiH
    as well as maximising disinfection
    for all contact lenses
  • Careful patient instruction on correct cleaning and disinfecting procedures along with continual assessment during aftercare is the key to good patient compliance
  • Practice good hygiene in front of patients. Ask them to demonstrate their exact solution routine at aftercare visits
  • Be familiar with general properties of a solution and its potential interactions with different lens types to enable alternative products to be recommended if a patient is experiencing a particular problem

The purpose of a lens care system is to combat microbial
contamination, keep deposits to a minimum and maintain
lens performance, in terms of health, comfort and vision.
All of this has to be achieved with the understanding that most
patients do not comply with the full recommendations of the
care regimen labelling or the eye care practitioner.

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